Ordering Products

How can I place an order?

Please send an email to info@dropletex.com including the chip that you are interested in and the number of the chips that you need. We will provide you with an official quotation shortly. You will be able to finalize the order after receiving the quotation.

What is your shipping method?

We use next morning Fedex to ensure you receive your chips in the fastest time. If you have an account with Fedex, you can provide us with your own account number for shipping.

How long is the lead time?

The lead time depends on the number of chips and our workload. Normally, we ship the chips in 1-2 weeks or faster.

In there any minimum purchase requirement?

We do not have any minimum purchase obligation. You can order any chip of your interest in any number

Device Maintenance and Operation

Are the chips reusable?

Yes, the chips are reusable as long as they are not clogged. Please make sure your samples are filtered to avoid clogging.

Can I order the chips with coating?

We offer the chips with and without coating. You can select your chips to be rendered hydrophobic (for water in oil droplets) or hydrophilic (for oil in water droplets)

What range of droplet diameters can I make with your chips?

We offer a variety of chips capable of generating droplets with a wide droplet size range. Please refer to the summary table at the bottom of the “Highly Cited Design” page to see the droplet size of each device. The droplet generators in the “Products” generate droplets in 30-1500 micron range.

Can I wash the chips?

We recommend that you run a clean buffer through the device after the experiments to wash the device. It helps to maintain the chips in good condition and to remove the residue from the device.

Do I need to buy connectors for my chip?

Our chips are designed to be simple to use. You do not need any connectors for plugging the tubes. You can watch an instructional video here to learn how to connect the tubes to the device.

What tube size should I use?

The ports in our droplet generators are punched with 0.9 mm needles thus are compatible with tubes with an outer diameter of 1.09mm. You can find the tube in the “Accessories” section of the website.

How do I know at what flow rate should I run the device to get my desired droplet size?

All the chips in our products come with a specification sheet. You can refer to the specification sheet to find the droplet size/generation frequency vs. flow rate. Please note that droplet size and generation frequency are also related to the reagents. If you use different reagents than what specified in the sheets, the numbers might differ.

What is the maximum tolerable pressure for your chips?

We recommend operating the chips at <2 bar.

In my experiments, I see periods of stability and fluctuations in the flow. How can I avoid this?

Make sure there is not bubble in your syringes and inside the channels. Bubble are the worst enemies of the microfluidic chips.
Also, make sure the outlet tube is not touching the surface at the very bottom.

In order to remove the bubbles, put your syringe pump vertically and let it run until all the air is discharged.