Guest Post Guidelines

In the recent years, droplet microfluidics has emerged as a powerful tool in molecular biology, microparticle synthesis, microorganism studies etc. Along with the flourishing of droplet microfluidics, rises the need for a community to facilitate the dialogue among researchers and create a knowledge base that could be used by all individuals in the field. Therefore, Dropletex has created this blog to bring together the players in the field.

Dropletex blog is for everyone who is dealing with droplet-based microfluidics. It’s a place for researchers to promote their research and let the industry know the potential of droplet microfluidics in different fields. The authors could use the Dropletex media channels to expand their professional network and widen their audience.


You are welcome to select your topic of interest that is related to droplet microfluidics and its potentials or your research in this area. Some suggested ideas could be:

-Nucleic Acid Sequencing; Current and future trends in droplet microfluidics
-Remaining challenges in automation of genome sequencing using droplet microfluidics
-Droplet microfluidics and biosensors; Integration and application of biosensors in droplet microfluidics
-Integration of various readout systems with droplet microfluidics devices
-Functionalized particles
-Droplet microfluidics and drug delivery systems
-How can droplet microfluidics help in drug discovery?
-How to troubleshoot a droplet microfluidics system
-Droplet microfluidics for point of care applications
-Future trends of droplet microfluidics in diagnostics
-Antimicrobial tests such as antibiotic susceptibility using droplet microfluidics
-Enzymatic evolution studies and potential of droplet microfluidics in this area
-A visual technical guide for running a particular test

Content Quality

  • Please note that you are writing for a professional audience that is familiar with droplet microfluidics so feel free to use technical terms whenever necessary.
  • The articles could be a brief summary (1-2 pages) including your recent research highlight and/or experimental methods within droplet microfluidics domain.
  • Please do not submit full-length journal or conference articles, press releases or self-promotional notes. The articles should be original, exclusive to Dropletex, in your own words and should not be published in full or in part previously.

Formatting and Submission

  • The article should be written in word document format and should be sent to

  • Subheadings are encouraged where appropriate

  • Submit an author image 300px*300px

  • Write a short author bio and send along with your files. Include your contacts, linkedin, twitter, laboratory website, or any other link that you want to be featured along with your article.

  • Include the images permissions (if you are not the owner of the image), and captions in a separate zip file.

Editorial Policy

Minimum changes will be made to the author’s articles and will be sent for proofread to the authors before publishing on the website.